The Laboratory is responsible for establishing and maintaining units and standards of time & frequency measurement in Indonesia, and for coordinating the national traceability of time & frequency measurement system, in order to cater for the demand of the industrial development and the continuous growth in the country.

Besides, the laboratory is measuring up to the International Standard to provide itself as tracing source for national measurement and calibration scheme, which of the goal is to increase the quality of the product of domestic industries and to promote the technology research and development.

Major Projects


to establish and maintain National Standard of Time & Frequency for Indonesia

bullet to realize the UTC(KIM) as reference for National Timescale
bullet to be a part of maintaining global time & frequency, as coordinated by BIPM
bullet to establish and guarantee a National Traceability System on Time & Frequency measurement in Indonesia
bullet to provide calibration services of time & frequency precision instruments
bullet to provide dissemination of National Standard Time 
bullet to participate in international activities on time & frequency
bullet to implement an advance of the leap-second, according to the announcement of IERS.
bullet to provide in house research and development for increasing laboratory capability and otherissues in the field of precise time & frequency measurement and dissemination

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